Archives for December 2, 2023

From Last-Minute Abstract to Unexpected Acceptance!

Initially, I submitted only one abstract to an international conference with a Scopus-indexed publication. However, a few hours before the abstract submission deadline, I submitted a second abstract, taking only 15 minutes to prepare. Given the conference’s distant location, I decided to present two papers with an additional fee.

The second abstract, developed in a more narrative style, stemmed from my initial observations of about 142 Orang Asli students’ tests, leading to early judgments and translation into an abstract.

To be honest, I have more confidence in the first abstract compared to the second one. I only took a quick look at the 142 answer sheets while preparing the second abstract. And yes, the number 142 has been explicitly mentioned in the abstract.

About a month later, I received the acceptance notification. Surprisingly, the latter abstract was accepted, while the first one was rejected.

I don’t want to modify the original abstract as I am afraid it would affect the decision on my full paper. Furthermore, the decision was made based on its current form. I realise that I hadn’t yet done anything with the 142 tests. Therefore, with one month left before the full paper submission deadline, I aim to complete the full manuscript, utilising the mid-semester break for extensive data analysis. Marking the Orang Asli students’ answer sheets is not about getting wrong or right answers. I have to identify the errors they made and the challenges they encountered while solving the mathematics problem.

Last week, on my way to KLIA to pick up my parents, I dropped by the Muzium Orang Asli in Ayer Keroh to gather additional information.

I don’t want to burden my Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for a few reasons: first, I want him to focus on analysing qualitative data for his thesis; second, I was the one who prepared the research proposal, and I want to be part of it; and third, I love doing these things.

Eager and enthusiastic, I’m committed to submitting the full manuscript by mid-December for the conference in Greece in early May. The acceptance decision is expected by the end of January 2024. I look forward to potentially posting, “See you soon, Athens!”