Institute for Oil & Gas (IFOG) UTM organized this training which was first of its kind last week. The training was attended by representatives from various palm oil based companies, from upstream to downstream processing. Among them were companies such as Bunge Loaders Croklan, Delima Oil Products Sdn Bhd, QES Management Consultants Sdn Bhd, IOI Pan-Century Oleochemicals, Evyap Sabun Malaysia, IOI Lipid Enzymtec Sdn Bhd, PGEO Edible Oil Sdn Bhd and several other companies. I can say that it was a great success. We received positive feedbacks from the participants and all agree that we need to increase safety consideration in all the palm oil processes, which are very much lacking in this industry, as compared with the oil and gas.

Thanks Dr. Kamarizan Kidam for providing me the opportunity to be one of the trainer, together with him. Thanks as well Prof. Dr. Rahmat Mohsin, as the IFOG boss for the blessing in allowing me to be part of this team. It was great sharing and discussing with all the participants. Thanks as well to the rest of the technical team for all the management and support.

The 15 minutes brief speech from JOHOR’s DOSH Director, Ir. Hj. Saiful Azhar bin Mohd Said, was packed with interesting updates and progress on the latest development towards the realization of ISO45001. Back in March 2018, ISO 45001 was published to increase global consistency and make workplaces safer and healthier for all. OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn with the publication of ISO 45001:2018 and there will be a three-year migration period from the date of publication. This will indeed be an excellent move by the goverment and authority, in ensuring safer and healtier working environment.

We hope that after this, we can lower down all process safety related accidents and incidents which quite frequently happens in the palm oil sector (compared to oil and gas). We don’t want to witness any more splitter column caught with fire, or any spent earth on fire or any build up pressure upstream the column which occured as a result of unexpected blockage.

As the forum panel.

Co-handling one of the workshops session with Dr.Kamarizan Kidam. 

With the Director of DOSH Johor, where Dr. Kamarizan presented him with a token of appreciation.

With the Director of DOSH Johor

The banner… now a history…

Before presenting my part.

Our audience from various industries.

Sharing something there.

As a panel for the forum at the end of the 2nd Day.

Handling the workshop with joy and happiness 🙂