2022 Day 301 – Attended Industrial Seminar & Profession Forum

The early part of today was normal. Early in the morning, I prepared for ITE class that will take place from 11am to 1pm. We covered about CPBL, did the mosquito case and Perform PR PI for the new released problem. I hope the students are comfortable and fine working on the new PR PI that is about micro plastic.

Later after lunch time, I make it a point to attend the industrial seminar and profession (ISP) forum at DK5 N11a. Three engineers were invited to be panel for the forum which is about engineering overview and touching a bit on engineering ethics. My friend, Mr. Amru was invited as one of the panel. I managed to get a sit at the very far top end in the hall. The talk was interesting and I learned a lot as well. I realized too that many students were not focusing on the forum, some played games in their mobile phone and some did other assignment. But I believe those who sat in the front focused on the panel.

Some of the details are shared in the FB post here.

Some highlighted tasks:

  • Purchased new gas sampling bag – Restek brand. 10 bags in a pack. 70% Downpayment.
  • Read MKKK Dissertation for Viva tomorrow.
  • Alert my team who are involved as presenters in RCEE2022 tomorrow. 


2022 Day 63 Task – Checked Our JCLPRO’s Paper Drafts

It’s Friday today and 2 of my children are still positive. Ikhwan seems to be ending his positive streak today (this morning). Still we have to take care and manage everything in the house strategically. In the morning I had a meeting with Pouline at 9am to discuss about the thermo paper, and again we discussed about the software and results 12 hours after that. I also checked Tan’s review paper which is quite long. I hope the paper can be improved and get stronger in terms of the discussion related to starch-derived catalyst.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Drafted review paper for me and Thushara’s project
  • Partially filled up JCLPRO registration form
  • Help Dyna Dyalan (ex-MKKE student) to sign and register his REEM application – he came to my house
  • Checked about EREKA research competition where I was invited as jury. Managed to view 2 out of 7 videos.

2021 Day 139 Task – Plant Design Project Interim Presentation

We were all shocked from the national announcement made by MKN that UTM has been declared Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) which will commence on the 21st of May 2021. In Malay this is called PKPD or Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Diperketat. This simply means that the in and out movement to UTM will no longer be in the power of UTM but will be under the jurisdiction of MKN. It is expected that military and police will take guard UTM.

Nevertheless, live and work has to go on. Today, we are going to have the Plant Design Project Interim Presentation which will be from 2pm to 5pm.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Communicating with my PA students with regard of Covid in UTM
  • Preparing for the Chem Eng Online Interview questions and planning.
  • Coordination for RCEE2020 publication plan.

Day 292 Task – Miscellaneous Journal Reviewing’s and Teaching Preparation

The Q3 Journal – BCREC

The Q1 Journal – Energy Report

It’s Saturday today. There are tones of tasks that I need to do. I started the morning handling 2 journals that I need to review,  one from a Q1 journal and another one from a Q3 journal. Both are  related to my expertise in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering.

Subsequently after that, I managed / handled ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE) journal which I am the Editor. Two journals need to be dealt with today after I received the comments from all reviewers. I am trying my best to realize the Second Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume. Alhamdulillah the First Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume was released in last July.

After this, there are several tasks such as weekly teaching plan, online teaching strategies, journal paper submission and others that need to be fulfilled.

Wow.. it’s just like there is no holiday.

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Day 258 Task – Research Methodology Book Project Meeting

The Faculty of Engineering has asked each schools under its umbrella to prepare and publish a research methodology book. For that purpose, we had a meeting which was held after lunch at Bilik Mesyuarat Fakulti N01 to discuss the matter and approach. The initial plan was a bit confusing for a lot of us and many have opted to wait for the meeting for deciding the best approach to write the research methodology according to everyone’s expertise.

After quite a lengthy discussion, we unanimously decide on one approach. We have roughly 5 weeks to prepare the chapter. InsyaAllah it is possible. We’ll do it.


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Day 240 Task – Majlis Penghargaan Staf Bersara dan Berpindah


Dengan hormatnya merujuk perkara di atas.

2.   Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pengurusan SKT Bil 4/2020 pada 13 Julai 2020 telah bersetuju untuk    menganjurkan Majlis Penghargaan Staf Bersara dan Berpindah 2020.  Sehubungan itu, majlis berkenaan akan dikendalikan oleh Jawatankuasa Kebajikan Staf dan Rekreasi Staf SKT (JAKRIS) pada tarikh berikut ;

Tarikh :   27 Ogos 2020 (Khamis)

Masa  :   9.00 – 12.30 tengahari

Tempat :   Dewan Pengajaran N29


3.    YBrs Prof./Prof. Madya /Dr./Tuan/Puan dengan hormatnya dijemput untuk menghadiri Majlis tersebut bagi meraikan staf yang bersara dan berpindah pada tahun 2020. Bersama ini disertakan aturcara majlis untuk rujukan.


4.    JAKRIS  akan mengambil tindakan sewajarnya untuk memastikan pengendalian majlis tersebut  mematuhi SOP yang ditetapkan oleh UTM/KPT/KKM  dan selaras dengan itu,  staf yang hadir diminta untuk memakai pelitup muka.


5.    JAKRIS juga amat mengalu-alukan sebarang sumbangan/tajaan daripada YBrs Prof./Prof. Madya /Dr./Tuan/Puan untuk menambah/menaja menu selain daripada menu yang disediakan oleh JAKRIS untuk majlis berkenaan.


Kehadiran dan kerjasama  YBrs Prof./Prof. Madya /Dr./Tuan/Puan amat dihargai dan diucapkan ribuan terima kasih.


After the event, I visited N12 research lab as per the invitation by Dr. Norasikin to view the GC TCD-FID set. It seems working and I will happily accept the GC. alhamdulillah.

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Day 205 Task – UMS Chemical Engineering PDP Viva Session

As shared yesterday, today I will be the evaluator / assessor for Team 1 and Team 8 for the Final Year Chemical Engineering students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).  The first session started at 9am, which is the session with Team 1 while 10.45am was the session with Team 8. The session which took place in Google Meet was smooth and fruitful. I did asked many questions and also in some areas helped clarify few things to the students.

At 2.30pm, a special session involving invited assessors, supervisors and students were held, also in Google Meet. I was given the opportunity to comment and give suggestions on the session held in the morning. Other assessors also commented as well.

Overall it was a very good session. I learned a lot from the program, even though I was the assessor. I learned how they handled / conducted the program. It is good for me since I am the Coordinator for PDP in the Chemical Engineering program in UTM.

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Day 204 Task – Reviewing UMS Chemical Engineering Plant Design Project Pre-Recorded Presentation

I was invited to evaluate Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Chemical Engineering Plant Design Project (PDP) for their Final Year Student. It was my first time to be invited for this program and I have earlier agreed. Since the program will take place tomorrow and the pre-recorded presentation have been given to me 2 days ago, I spent basically almost the whole day watching tentatively to this presentation. It is not like the PDP that we have for our chemical engineering PDP in UTM.

For this, I was assigned to be the evaluator for 2 teams, which were Team 1 and Team 8. Each team have a general pre-recorded presentation and each members will also have their own pre-recorded presentation. The allowed time for each individual presentation in 15 minutes maximum. Each team have 5 students. Just imagine the time spent to view the presentation, and also to understand it, plus jotting down questions to be asked.

Luckily I managed to complete all videos by the end of the day and have all my questions ready for tomorrow. Wish me luck for tomorrow.

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Day 168a Task – Final Plant Design Presentation Evaluation

Today, we had this Final Plant Design Presentation Evaluation. The evaluators were PM Dr. Norasikin Othman, Dr. Hashim Hassan, Dr. Saharuddin Haron and myself. Team 6, 7 and 8 were the teams that we evaluated starting from 2pm to 4pm. They were the same teams that we evaluated for the interim presentation as well. I have recorded the presentation via webex and below is the video for Team 6. I haven’t prepared videos from Team 7 and 8.


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Day 168 Task – Checking and Approving Penasihat Pelajar Pre-Registration Course

As usual, this is my task as the Penasihat Akademik for my students. I need to help and check them with the pre-registration of their subject for the coming semester. So far every body have successfully submitted accept for 4 students. I have reminded them and they have all responded. InsyaAllah by tomorrow everybody pre-registration’s will be completed.

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