Day 202 Task – Finalizing Plant Design Project Marks

Yesterday I focus on finalizing Master Safety marks. Today, my prime goal is to once again check the final marks for Plant Design Project (PDP). There are so many marks, so many data, so critical and no room for mistakes as the credit marks for PDP is huge. It was very challenging, really, and at one point I have to seek help from Dr. Azizul to double check / audit the marks that I have finalized. Alhamdulillah, he pointed out one part which was not correct and after that all the marks were fine.

Bottom line, in this particular task, i learned that we need to be very careful, meticulous, detail, patient, when handling student marks which could be a critical point that direct the faith of their live direction. This is no joke. I don’t want to be making silly or careless mistake in deciding an important grade for this capstone subject. There’s no wrong to seek some assistance from our team to double check our work. It shows that we have integrity, nothing to hide, no personal agenda and no ulterior motive.

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