2021 Day 149 Task – Checked IOP Final Draft Agreement

I have several tasks lined up for today. Hopefully I can complete half of them, which will be quite helpful for me because I will have several meetings coming for the days to come in this week. Well, one of the main task I plan to accomplish today is the final checking and signing up for IOP agreement. I hope I can complete this task today and move on to the next huge task of today which will be checking ECM paper.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • IJET Editorial Matters.
  • Check ECM journal paper draft.
  • Went through final IOP contract agreement.
  • PDP meeting

2021 Day 139 Task – Plant Design Project Interim Presentation

We were all shocked from the national announcement made by MKN that UTM has been declared Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) which will commence on the 21st of May 2021. In Malay this is called PKPD or Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Diperketat. This simply means that the in and out movement to UTM will no longer be in the power of UTM but will be under the jurisdiction of MKN. It is expected that military and police will take guard UTM.

Nevertheless, live and work has to go on. Today, we are going to have the Plant Design Project Interim Presentation which will be from 2pm to 5pm.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Communicating with my PA students with regard of Covid in UTM
  • Preparing for the Chem Eng Online Interview questions and planning.
  • Coordination for RCEE2020 publication plan.

Day 202 Task – Finalizing Plant Design Project Marks

Yesterday I focus on finalizing Master Safety marks. Today, my prime goal is to once again check the final marks for Plant Design Project (PDP). There are so many marks, so many data, so critical and no room for mistakes as the credit marks for PDP is huge. It was very challenging, really, and at one point I have to seek help from Dr. Azizul to double check / audit the marks that I have finalized. Alhamdulillah, he pointed out one part which was not correct and after that all the marks were fine.

Bottom line, in this particular task, i learned that we need to be very careful, meticulous, detail, patient, when handling student marks which could be a critical point that direct the faith of their live direction. This is no joke. I don’t want to be making silly or careless mistake in deciding an important grade for this capstone subject. There’s no wrong to seek some assistance from our team to double check our work. It shows that we have integrity, nothing to hide, no personal agenda and no ulterior motive.

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Day 201 Task – Finalizing Master MKKH Marks

Today, after getting the marks from Dr. Norzita, I checked, combined the marks and finalized it. The final marks result was not as usual but it was just fine for the 9 students under us. Though the final marks are ready, I have not yet key it into the system. I will probably do it in this coming few days as I want to focus on triple checking the Plant Design Project (PDP) marks which have so many data. Imagine having 14 Course Learning Outcomes for PDP and each weak there’s like 1 CLO to cover. Wish me luck.

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Day 194 Task – Finalizing PDP and GSA Marks

I was very focus to complete the marking of the Plant Design Project (PDP) and Graduate Student Attribute (GSA) course marks. One full day was required just to do that. Finally I managed to filled in GSA marks in AIMS, but have not release the marks yet for students to view. In the other hand, I am planning to audit my own PDP marks once again since there are tonnes of marks and assessment for PDP. It’s like that due the fact that it is a Capstone Course with 14 CLO, the most a course in Chemical Engineering could ever have.

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Day 175 Task – Miscellaneous: AJEE Management, Checking Student’s Thesis/Progress Report…

The weekend break at Kuantan recently has increased and accumulated my official tasks. So, today I have to be very organized in dealing and settling all this tasks. This post is written in the morning (7.30am), not as other posts which were written at the end of the day. This is because after this I want to focus on crossing / ticking those tasks as DONE, DONE and DONE. I know I cannot possibly complete all the tasks, but I hope and wish to complete a huge chunk of the tasks. God please ease and help me to do this. Amin.

Here are some of the pending tasks:

  1. Review Paper PG student #2
  2. Review Paper PG student #3
  3. Review my own glycerol paper
  4. Manage AJEE journal
  5. Edit and upload CEE video
  6. Follow up and manage PSM students
  7. Discuss PhD matter with a potential PhD student
  8. Update PDP
  9. Marking GSA assignments
  10. Marking Master Safety quiz, test and assignments
  11. GUP End of Project Report to be prepared
  12. Update website
  13. Edit Webex Video to be uploaded to Youtube.

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Day 166a Task – Mock Presentation for Cyan – My PDP group

Tomorrow will the the Final Presentation day for my PDP Student – Cyan Team. As their SV, I need to check their presentation via an online mock presentation conducted through Webex. They successfully managed to present but off course there were still plenty of room for improvements. I gave my sincere comments based on my knowledge and experiences as an engineer. I hope they can make improvement and present gratefully and smoothly tomorrow. InsyaAllah.

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Day 154 Task – PD Project Final Presentation Briefing

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Day 136 Task – PDP Team Meeting

It’s public holiday today but that doesn’t stop us to having this weekly meeting. At 11am, we had this meeting to discuss on the progress of my students. The meeting was fruitful, numerous issues were resolved and the students will continue to work on the projects. They have selected to have Shell and Tube heat Exchanger for the Mechanical Engineering Drawing part.

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Day 135 Task – PDP Seminar – Mechanical Engineering Drawing


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