Day 229 Task – Preparing and Completing the Course Assessment Report for Plant Design Project Course

Finally after reading the book Eat That Frog, I decided to work on the Course Assessment Report (CAR) for the Capstone Plant Design Project (PDP) Course. It is such a very huge and detail course. Imagine having 14 Course Learning Outcome (CLO). Imagine all the massive calculations and analysis that needed to be done. Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete up to the the critical stage which is to insert students marks. Unfortunately after that I cannot proceed further even after I used the internet back home. The CAR Website keep on processing or hang. I will continue to complete the CQI and finalize the CAR for PDP tomorrow, InsyaAllah.

Some minor tasks that I also performed today were rehearsing for tomorrow’s Webminar about Problem Solving Using TRIZ (wait for my update tomorrow) and also reading a master thesis proposal for a proposal defense by Riyadh. He is being supervised by my colleague, Dr. Muhammad Tahir. So far, I have completed reading chapter 1 and scroll other chapters and it is looking good. The in depth and quality is there. It should be a fast and easy session tomorrow.

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