My First Ph.D VIVA as Internal Examiner

A few months ago, I was invited to be an internal examiner for a Ph.D student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aishah Jalil. I received the thesis during Ramadhan month and I took quite some time to digest the thesis, which I targeted to complete during Shawal month. Unfortunately, I could not complete it due to the hustle and bustle of celebrating the festive Eid.  

The past 4 days I rallied aggressively to comprehend the thesis and prepared the report to be submitted to the Post Graduate office. Today, Alhamdulillah, the VIVA proceeded smoothly and successfully. The student, Abdelrahman Hamad Khalifa Owgi, managed to defend his thesis finely. 

Overall I am pleased and happy with my first session. I think I did quite well. Alhamdulillah. My report was quite detailed too. But I learned something from Prof Dato because he prepared an additional report. 

More pictures of the VIVA session can be viewed HERE.

2022 Day 301 – Attended Industrial Seminar & Profession Forum

The early part of today was normal. Early in the morning, I prepared for ITE class that will take place from 11am to 1pm. We covered about CPBL, did the mosquito case and Perform PR PI for the new released problem. I hope the students are comfortable and fine working on the new PR PI that is about micro plastic.

Later after lunch time, I make it a point to attend the industrial seminar and profession (ISP) forum at DK5 N11a. Three engineers were invited to be panel for the forum which is about engineering overview and touching a bit on engineering ethics. My friend, Mr. Amru was invited as one of the panel. I managed to get a sit at the very far top end in the hall. The talk was interesting and I learned a lot as well. I realized too that many students were not focusing on the forum, some played games in their mobile phone and some did other assignment. But I believe those who sat in the front focused on the panel.

Some of the details are shared in the FB post here.

Some highlighted tasks:

  • Purchased new gas sampling bag – Restek brand. 10 bags in a pack. 70% Downpayment.
  • Read MKKK Dissertation for Viva tomorrow.
  • Alert my team who are involved as presenters in RCEE2022 tomorrow. 


Day 245 Task – Checking, Reading & Proof reading my Master Student Thesis

Today is the independence day of Malaysia. It has been 63 years since we celebrated our victory and freedom. It’s a public holiday here in our country.

Although it was a holiday, I was rushing to read my Master Student’s thesis. I would always prefer not to delay any thesis or proposal checking, paper reviewing etc. Luckily I have gone through her thesis between May and June, which was my first round of reading her thesis and have corrected it massively. Hence, this round, my reading was significantly faster than before as the mistakes were far less, few tiny problems or issues that I may have missed before. It’s very important for me to read her thesis so that we’ll minimize any problems during the VIVA session, which has not been confirmed yet. All the best to my master student…  and me 🙂

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Day 229 Task – Preparing and Completing the Course Assessment Report for Plant Design Project Course

Finally after reading the book Eat That Frog, I decided to work on the Course Assessment Report (CAR) for the Capstone Plant Design Project (PDP) Course. It is such a very huge and detail course. Imagine having 14 Course Learning Outcome (CLO). Imagine all the massive calculations and analysis that needed to be done. Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete up to the the critical stage which is to insert students marks. Unfortunately after that I cannot proceed further even after I used the internet back home. The CAR Website keep on processing or hang. I will continue to complete the CQI and finalize the CAR for PDP tomorrow, InsyaAllah.

Some minor tasks that I also performed today were rehearsing for tomorrow’s Webminar about Problem Solving Using TRIZ (wait for my update tomorrow) and also reading a master thesis proposal for a proposal defense by Riyadh. He is being supervised by my colleague, Dr. Muhammad Tahir. So far, I have completed reading chapter 1 and scroll other chapters and it is looking good. The in depth and quality is there. It should be a fast and easy session tomorrow.

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Day 205 Task – UMS Chemical Engineering PDP Viva Session

As shared yesterday, today I will be the evaluator / assessor for Team 1 and Team 8 for the Final Year Chemical Engineering students of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).  The first session started at 9am, which is the session with Team 1 while 10.45am was the session with Team 8. The session which took place in Google Meet was smooth and fruitful. I did asked many questions and also in some areas helped clarify few things to the students.

At 2.30pm, a special session involving invited assessors, supervisors and students were held, also in Google Meet. I was given the opportunity to comment and give suggestions on the session held in the morning. Other assessors also commented as well.

Overall it was a very good session. I learned a lot from the program, even though I was the assessor. I learned how they handled / conducted the program. It is good for me since I am the Coordinator for PDP in the Chemical Engineering program in UTM.

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Day 162 Task – PhD Viva for Lai Yee Qing (Prof Zain’s Student)


Perkara di atas adalah dengan hormatnya dirujuk.

2. Dimaklumkan bahawa Jawatankuasa Akademik Pengajian Siswazah UTM telah memperakukan pelantikan YBrs. Dr. sebagai Pembantu Pengerusi Peperiksaan Lisan secara atas talian (ONLINE VIVA-VOCE) sebagaimana butiran berikut :

Tarikh (Hari) : 10 Jun 2020 (Rabu)

Masa : 9.30 pagi

Nama Pelajar : Lai Yee Qing

Program : Doktor Falsafah


Penyelia : Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Zainuddin bin Abd. Manan

Pemeriksa Dalam : Prof. Ir. Dr. Haslenda binti Hashim

Pemeriksa Luar : Prof. Ir. Dr. Denny Kok Sum Ng (Herriot-Watt University Malaysia)

3. Pihak Universiti amat menghargai serta merakamkan ribuan terima kasih di atas kerjasama yang akan diberikan. Sebagai Pembantu Pengerusi, YBrs. Dr. akan menerima saguhati sebanyak RM100.00.

Sekian. Terima kasih.


Saya yang menjalankan amanah,

b/p Timbalan Pendaftar Kanan, Fakulti Kejuruteraan.


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Day 131 Task – Panel for Proposal Master Mixed Mode MKKK

Student: Nur Assilah Saffa binti Abdul Rahman

Title: Forecasting of Refined, Bleached, and Deodorised Palm OIl Quality using Principal Component Regression Analysis
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof, Dr. Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid

Panel 1: Dr. Azizul Azri Mustaffa
Panel 2: Ir. Dr. Zaki Yamani Zakaria
Chairman: Dr. Nor Alafiza Yunus

Date: 10 Mei 2020
Time: 2.30 pm
Medium: Webex.

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Day 35 Task – PhD VIVA Session of Shafiqah, a Student that I Co-supervised

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Day 9 Task: Panel Examiner for Master Safety (MKKH) Program

Today, The first half of the day is totally spent on the assessment of Master Safety (MKKH) students. There were altogether 6 students.

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Examiner Faisal Abdullah MKKK First Stage

  • Tarikh: 5 August 2019
  • Masa: 9.30am -10.30am
  • Lokasi: Bilik VIVA 2, N01
  • Pengerusi: Dr. Siti Hajjar Che Man
  • Examiner: Me, Dr. Mahadhir Mohamed
  • Pelajar: Faisal Abdullah
  • SV: Dr. Muhammad Tahir

Awal pagi tadi saya dengan berdedikasinya membaca proposal yang telah ditulis oleh Faisal, pelajar seliaan Dr. Muhammad Tahir. Terpaksa baca proposal master disertationnya dalam bentuk digital, sebab sangat tiba-tiba Proposal Defence ini di rancang dan dilaksana. Semalam petang baru betul-betul Koordinator MKKK Dr. Alafiza hubungi saya untuk confirm availability untuk jadi examiner. Tidak mengapa. Saya boleh baca digital version of the Proposal. Saya catatkan di kertas point-point yang perlu di highlightkan untuk teguran, komen dan improvement. Tepat 9.30am, saya tiba di Bilik VIVA 2 dan menggunakan hardcopy proposal untuk membuat rujukan akhir sambil Faisal membentangkan presentation di hadapan dengan menggunakan power point slide.

Secara keseluruhan, penyelidikan ini baik dan pelajar boleh meneruskan projek Photocatalysis nya yang menggunakan Zn/Rh/g-C3H4.