Day 290 Task – Getting Ready for Next Week’s New Semester Class

The new semester will be kicking of next week. In the morning I checked my AIMS and also eLearning. I now know that I have 30 students in my SETK1523-05 Introduction to Engineering (ITE) and SETK1511-05 Industrial Seminar & Profession (ISP) course. We are in Section 5. I have also a Master class which is MKKH1513-04 Environmental Management.

I got some helped from Muhammad Firdaus Bin Mahmood, one of my ITE student’s to create a Whatsapp group to make communication faster for our section (the whatsapp group picture is shown above). I also asked for assistance from UTMLead and AduIT to properly setup and update my eLearning courses. It’s now 10.50am, and we already have our Whatsapp group for ITE and ISP. I already checked that my eLearning is now updated. Soon I need to fill in content for my eLearning. I printed the list of names of students who have registered so far in my courses.

On top of that, I am the Academic Advisor for the existing 3rd year students. I must also make sure they are properly registering their courses. There are some of the students that I need to help them to adjust their courses section mainly due to clash with other course or section. That’s part of my duty.

In short today is mainly managing and preparing for the class that commenced next week.

The above photo shows the course that I will teach this semester. All together 7 credits.

Wish me luck.

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