2022 Day 33 Task – Checked Stage 3 Draft Report of My Students

It’s still an off day here as the Chinese New Year Celebration is still on. Nevertheless, pending works are still counting and it needed to be completed. One of it is the Stage 3 – Safety and Health 2021 (S&H2021) report for my ITE and ISP Section 05 that should receive our comments before they submit it this coming Sunday.

Other tasks for the day:

I wish they were… but I was still in holiday mood as well.

Day 320 Task – Reading and Grading ITE-ISP Student’s Reflection Journal

We have 35 students in our ITE and ISP class. All of them are required to write 2 page Reflection Journal after 3 weeks of study. This is the first Reflection Journal that they write. There will be another 3 more till the end of the course.

Reading the students reflection journal is important and it is not as easy as reading a novel. We have to identify what they have learned and give marks accordingly, followed by providing constructive comments. The elements that we grade include the content, analysis, reflective thinking, evaluation and feedback. I always try to recall all of this point by its abbreviation = CAREF. These are derived from the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, which help people to learn from experiences.

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Day 318 Task – Marking all ITE and ISP Assignments

If you think that this Introduction to Engineering (ITE) and Industrial Seminar & Profession (ISP) courses are a relaxing one, you are wrong. Those courses are very hectic, full with assignments that needed to be graded.

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Day 315 Task – ITE Class

I literally didn’t have my weekend, mainly because of the massive preparation and conducting the Pesisir MKKH1513 class since Thursday till Sunday. But, I am very happy and excited with my new experience.

And now is a Monday and again, I have to prepare for the ITE class took place just now at 11am-1pm. I had a brief phone call discussion with Dr. Siti Hajjar, my partner for ITE class. One of the most important thing is that we clearly decided on the time line for what we are going to cover in class. The time line is very important for me because without it, I will be lecturing and telling a lot of story to the students…. haha…. But this time, I cannot do that, and in fact I realized I did not have sufficient time to clearly explain to the students the concept of CPBL before we threw away to them the mosquito case study in Uganda.

Many things have to be accomplished in this class that include breaking the students into their teams for them to prepare PR and PI, for them to practice. We hope the students will be able to prepare the new PR and PI for Stage 1 problem that was revealed to them in class yesterday. InsyaAllah.

Among other things that were done today include checking the students engineering ethics assignment, small group meeting with CEE director and assistant director on some decision making stuffs. Also some brief follow up and consultation with my research students. We also had a webex meeting with Salman, a new phd student doing progressive free cystallization where I am the co-SV, while my other half is the main SV. The design prepared by Salman is very interesting and he really thought of every detail. This definitely can be patented, provided everything is right, ok to go and the objective is achieved.


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Day 290 Task – Getting Ready for Next Week’s New Semester Class

The new semester will be kicking of next week. In the morning I checked my AIMS and also eLearning. I now know that I have 30 students in my SETK1523-05 Introduction to Engineering (ITE) and SETK1511-05 Industrial Seminar & Profession (ISP) course. We are in Section 5. I have also a Master class which is MKKH1513-04 Environmental Management.

I got some helped from Muhammad Firdaus Bin Mahmood, one of my ITE student’s to create a Whatsapp group to make communication faster for our section (the whatsapp group picture is shown above). I also asked for assistance from UTMLead and AduIT to properly setup and update my eLearning courses. It’s now 10.50am, and we already have our Whatsapp group for ITE and ISP. I already checked that my eLearning is now updated. Soon I need to fill in content for my eLearning. I printed the list of names of students who have registered so far in my courses.

On top of that, I am the Academic Advisor for the existing 3rd year students. I must also make sure they are properly registering their courses. There are some of the students that I need to help them to adjust their courses section mainly due to clash with other course or section. That’s part of my duty.

In short today is mainly managing and preparing for the class that commenced next week.

The above photo shows the course that I will teach this semester. All together 7 credits.

Wish me luck.

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Day 15 Task: Mesyuarat Perbincangan Semakan Kurikulum Sarjana Pengurusan Tenaga

I had a important meeting today at the Deputy Vice Chancellor Office (TNCA) regarding the discussion on Master Energy Program Curriculum Discussion and Checking. The meeting was conducted to improve the curriculum of the course in view of the earlier MQA comment on the program. The photo above is just showing the scenario after the meeting 🙂 .

Besides that, today I have several targets to accomplished today. Among them are to finalize the marks for Introduction to Engineering (ITE) course as well as Seminar and Industrial Profession (ISP) Course. Besides that, there are other tasks that need to be worked on and I must work smart and fast.

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Day 6 Task: Grading Stage 3 ITE Report

Today, I did my best to complete the grading for ITE Stage 3 report. There were altogether 12 reports that need to be graded. Alhamdulillah, this challenging task of reading the report was successfully completed today. Next is to grade the Meta Reflection Journal of my students. Each Meta reflection journal is 4 pages multiply that by 41 students. Can you imagine the amount of write up I must read?

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Final Classes for the semester end

This semester I teach (a) Introduction to Engineering for 1st year student and (b) Engineering Economics and Project Management for final year students. It has been quite a semester for this past 4 months. But I am happy everything works perfectly fine. I hope the students benefit the most from me… I hope.

And as usual, on the final day of the semester, we will have this special photo session, that will be cherished as fond memories.

introduction to engineeringWith students from my Introduction to Engineering Class ~ final day in class (click to enlarge)

EEPMWith students from my Engineering Economics and Project Management Class ~ also final day in class (click to enlarge)



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