Day 315 Task – ITE Class

I literally didn’t have my weekend, mainly because of the massive preparation and conducting the Pesisir MKKH1513 class since Thursday till Sunday. But, I am very happy and excited with my new experience.

And now is a Monday and again, I have to prepare for the ITE class took place just now at 11am-1pm. I had a brief phone call discussion with Dr. Siti Hajjar, my partner for ITE class. One of the most important thing is that we clearly decided on the time line for what we are going to cover in class. The time line is very important for me because without it, I will be lecturing and telling a lot of story to the students…. haha…. But this time, I cannot do that, and in fact I realized I did not have sufficient time to clearly explain to the students the concept of CPBL before we threw away to them the mosquito case study in Uganda.

Many things have to be accomplished in this class that include breaking the students into their teams for them to prepare PR and PI, for them to practice. We hope the students will be able to prepare the new PR and PI for Stage 1 problem that was revealed to them in class yesterday. InsyaAllah.

Among other things that were done today include checking the students engineering ethics assignment, small group meeting with CEE director and assistant director on some decision making stuffs. Also some brief follow up and consultation with my research students. We also had a webex meeting with Salman, a new phd student doing progressive free cystallization where I am the co-SV, while my other half is the main SV. The design prepared by Salman is very interesting and he really thought of every detail. This definitely can be patented, provided everything is right, ok to go and the objective is achieved.


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