2021 Day 112 Tasks – PSM Research Work Research Progress Checking

Honestly, I am very impressed with the performances of my PSM student for this semester. I have 5 PSM students who are Teo Mei Lian, Teo Zia Er, Shalini, Zakwan and Izz. All of them have shown be amazing progress even though it is just week 6 in our Semester Calendar. Some of them are eager to present in international conference such as ICLCA2021 and I have submitted their abstracts. Some wanted to submit to the ICLCA2021 as well, but I could not permit because I have to spent quite some money for 4 students already. Hence, I will redirect the students abstract and research paper to either another conference or Jurnal Teknologi or Sains Malaysiana or other suitable journals.

From this, I learned that it is important to plan early the research for students, provide them positive motivation of them to do the research, guide and help them, provide quick response and support for them. To be honest, I only have a meeting one time only on the 1st week, that’s all. After that, it was just a mere weekly email progress report sending to me every Sunday. From there, I monitor and advice to my student about their research work. So far so good, my formula seems working amazingly fine.