2021 Day 139 Task – Plant Design Project Interim Presentation

We were all shocked from the national announcement made by MKN that UTM has been declared Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) which will commence on the 21st of May 2021. In Malay this is called PKPD or Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Diperketat. This simply means that the in and out movement to UTM will no longer be in the power of UTM but will be under the jurisdiction of MKN. It is expected that military and police will take guard UTM.

Nevertheless, live and work has to go on. Today, we are going to have the Plant Design Project Interim Presentation which will be from 2pm to 5pm.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Communicating with my PA students with regard of Covid in UTM
  • Preparing for the Chem Eng Online Interview questions and planning.
  • Coordination for RCEE2020 publication plan.

2021 Day 112 Tasks – PSM Research Work Research Progress Checking

Honestly, I am very impressed with the performances of my PSM student for this semester. I have 5 PSM students who are Teo Mei Lian, Teo Zia Er, Shalini, Zakwan and Izz. All of them have shown be amazing progress even though it is just week 6 in our Semester Calendar. Some of them are eager to present in international conference such as ICLCA2021 and I have submitted their abstracts. Some wanted to submit to the ICLCA2021 as well, but I could not permit because I have to spent quite some money for 4 students already. Hence, I will redirect the students abstract and research paper to either another conference or Jurnal Teknologi or Sains Malaysiana or other suitable journals.

From this, I learned that it is important to plan early the research for students, provide them positive motivation of them to do the research, guide and help them, provide quick response and support for them. To be honest, I only have a meeting one time only on the 1st week, that’s all. After that, it was just a mere weekly email progress report sending to me every Sunday. From there, I monitor and advice to my student about their research work. So far so good, my formula seems working amazingly fine.

2021 Day 99 Tasks – ICLCA2021 Abstract Submission

I have actually planned to submit this since 3-4 days ago but did not managed to catch the time to do so… Alhamdulillah I managed to submit it today. I submitted my PSM student research topic “Thermodynamic Analysis of Hydroxypropanone as Bio-Oil Model Compound to Light Hydrocarbons”. InsyaAllah soon there will be more of my PSM students submitting for this conference.

Other highlighted tasks for today:

  • Still follow up on my PSM and Master student research
  • Preparation for Master Safety Class tomorrow
  • Preparation for Petroleum and Refinery Tech class this coming Wednesday.
  • Managing AJEE Journal
  • Manuscript Correction

Day 222 Task – Slide Presentation Preparation for ICoST2020

The 3rd International Conference on Separation Technology (ICoST 2020) , Webex Link

TITLE : [REHEARSAL] ICoST 2020 Session 3
WEBEX LINK : https://bit.ly/2XGp4AP
MEERING NUMBER: 166 370 4801

In view of the information above, I have to prepare the slide presentation for this conference today.

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Day 61 Task – Master and Undergraduate Class

Every Sunday is a hectic one for me because I have 5 credit hours for this day alone, 3 credit in the morning and 2 credit in the afternoon. Every Sunday demands me to focus my energy and attention on these two courses, which I love to do. The only downside is I don’t get to fulfill or accomplish plenty of other academic related activities, but well, that’s ok. I have the other days in the week to do other academic and research related tasks.

In my masters class, we had presentation couple with thorough discussion for each topic. Whereas for the undergraduate class, we had interesting activities such as public speaking, mind map team work, charade game, win lose of draw game and a bit of discussion and reflection.


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Day 23 Task: Presenting Our Academic Advisor Student Marks and Analysis

Today our department staff have to present all the marks of the student under our observation (Academic Advisor duties) to the Head of Program. Early in the morning I arrived at our Director’s office to present and discuss my student’s performances with her. Alhamdulillah. Everything is good and fine!

Other task for the day:

  • Preparation of TRGS grant
  • Preparation of CAR documents.
  • Studying how to do Patent Filing Search which is not a requirement for TRGS and few other research grants.

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