2021 Day 197 Task – CEE Consortium Research Progress Meeting

It’s Saturday and today I woke up early to complete few pending tasks. But most importantly we have a CEE Consortium Research progress meeting at 9am to discuss how the code and cook book is progressing. I am honestly very new to this and I am still learning, even though we had numerous meetings on this such as here and here. I also felt confused and dizzy with all the deep level comprehension on this discussion. Chin was the key player, key researcher in this consortium project, also acting as the phd student for this research. I hope he too can fully understand all of this faster, because he is just like me, coming from engineering discipline and suddenly venturing into a new area.

But it is ok, I’ll keep on learning. All of this is indeed far from the technical chemical engineering cognitive that I was formally trained before.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Submitting MKKL Viva marks to Coordinator
  • Checked Thesis Absi
  • Checked Proposal Nazirul
  • Checked ECE Paper
  • Checked ECM Paper
  • To Review a Chapter for Unimap Book Chapter
  • HTGYE tasks