2021 Day 233 Task – ECE Paper Minor Draft Improvement

After the Engineering Education Paper Publication Workshop 2 weeks ago, I managed to spent some time to make some improvement on this paper draft which was written by Dr. Muhd Nazrul Hisham Zainal Zainal Alam and others. I felt a bad that I could not enhance the paper earlier than I was supposed to do, but hey.. Alhamdulillah, it’s finally done and we are working out the further check and enhance the paper.

The workshop session was super beneficial as Prof Maizam who recently retired from UTHM gave us some insight on how to better approach the paper. She has years of engineering education research experiences and I believed in the early days she struggled a lot. I know it because I am also struggling to comprehend Engineering Education teaching and research.

I must say that I truly respect and solute Dr. Nazrul for his marvelous resilient effort in working on this paper. Last year he has written a paper titled “Arduino for Chemical Engineering Students via Game-based Learning” (refer picture above) which was published in AJEE (Vol. 4) – [Paper link] and this year he managed to published in IJET – “Application of Computational Tools to Support Cooperative Learning in Bioreactor Design Course”, (Vol. 16, No. 15) – [Paper Link], a reputable Engineering Education Scopus journal.

I hope his tremendous efforts will be a magnificent example for other engineering lecturers. A very good example indeed.

2021 Day 197 Task – CEE Consortium Research Progress Meeting

It’s Saturday and today I woke up early to complete few pending tasks. But most importantly we have a CEE Consortium Research progress meeting at 9am to discuss how the code and cook book is progressing. I am honestly very new to this and I am still learning, even though we had numerous meetings on this such as here and here. I also felt confused and dizzy with all the deep level comprehension on this discussion. Chin was the key player, key researcher in this consortium project, also acting as the phd student for this research. I hope he too can fully understand all of this faster, because he is just like me, coming from engineering discipline and suddenly venturing into a new area.

But it is ok, I’ll keep on learning. All of this is indeed far from the technical chemical engineering cognitive that I was formally trained before.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Submitting MKKL Viva marks to Coordinator
  • Checked Thesis Absi
  • Checked Proposal Nazirul
  • Checked ECE Paper
  • Checked ECM Paper
  • To Review a Chapter for Unimap Book Chapter
  • HTGYE tasks

2021 Day 190 Task – Checked Education for Chemical Engineer Paper Draft

If yesterday I was checking paper draft for Energy Conversion and Management Journal, today I checked paper draft for Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) prepared by Nazrul and the gang. This is still the same paper as the one I mentioned the other day. It’s actually the 2nd draft after improvement has been done following my suggestions and comments. I managed to check whole of the paper but there are few things that I need to do with the paper – that are to improve Table 6 and 7 and also add a new paragraph for discussion and analysis.

In Syaa Allah the paper will be fine tomorrow.. Hope so.

2021 Day 187 Task – CEE Meeting #6 & SCEE RAE Final Slide Preparation

Today I prepared CEE Meeting #6 Slide since I will be hosting our 6th CEE meeting tomorrow. Quite a number of Agendas have been set up for discussion and I hope the meeting will be a fruitful one. On top of that I also spent quite some time to prepare the final presentation for SCEE RAE presentation. It is not Week no. 10 in the SCEE RAE program and it is the end of Phase 1 for our prestigious fellowship under SCEE RAE. I have passed the slide to the team for them to check before we have a Hub meeting tomorrow after lunch.

Other tasks highlighted today:

  • Checked ECM paper
  • Checked potential ECE paper.

2021 Day 186 Task – Checked Potential ECE Paper Publication

I have listed quite a bunch tasks to be completed today. Once of it includes the checking of Nazrul’s paper that is about Engineering Education Scholarly Experiential sharing. The paper was intended for other journal but after listening to Nazrul’s intention and also going through swiftly the paper content, I suggested the paper to be enhanced and submitted to Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) journal.

ECE is definitely an amazing platform for sharing Engineering Education Scholarly practice sharing and also Engineering Education Research (EER). The recent update last 2 weeks had happily declared that this journal has an impact factor of 2.333. Before this there’s no impact factor recorded and a sudden jump from nothing to 2.333 is such an spectacular success for this highly reputable journal.

Day 236 Task – Completing ECE Paper Review

I received invitation from an editor in ECE journal last week. The main challenge was that the editor gave me 2 manuscript simultaneously to review. Wow!!! I felt quite overwhelm because at the same time I have many things to do and accomplish.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to squeezed in some time and reviewed one of the manuscript. It was an interesting manuscript and I must say every-time I review a paper or journal, I will learn something new and fresh. That’s why even though I am quite hectic, I did not reject the invitation to review.

I will continue reviewing the second ECE paper tomorrow. InsyaAllah.

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Day 206 Task – Completing the review of Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) Manuscript


The paper that I reviewed today was the revised version of the manuscript that I have reviewed earlier. It was a very interesting manuscript about safety course that is being introduce to the bachelor of chemical engineering curriculum in one of the European country. The manuscript which was earlier quite OK has now became a very lengthy and valuable interesting great article. I am glad to be part of the reviewer who provided some of the inputs and comments to make the manuscript at its present state. Well, that’s part of our job, as a critical reviewer in the engineering education sector, particularly in the chemical engineering niche.

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Day 203 Task – Miscellaneous Tasks

Today, I am not going to specify a special official task. I will be sharing a few that I will do today and that include:

  1. Improving and making correction for ICLCA manuscript after receiving comments from reviewers few days ago.
  2. To do review for Education for Chemical Engineer (ECE) journal.
  3. To work on my Master student research paper.
  4. To follow up on my PhD students job progress – Four of them at the moment which I am the main SV.
  5.  To work on HTGYE book.
  6. To check and review my task as External / Industrial Panel for UMS Chemical Engineering Plant Design Project this coming Thursday.

OK, let’s just see at the end of the day if I managed to complete all of it. If I can complete more than half of the list, that’s still good enough, good progress for me.

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Day 154b Task – Complete Reviewing 2 Papers and Managing AJEE

There’re lots to do but limited time. Yes, although we work from home, seems like we are not working, but in actual, there are too many works to do. For instance, today, I woke up very early in the morning with the mission to work and slash the following activities from my Today To Do List:

  1. Preparation of Toyota Foundation Research Proposal Grant.
  2. Grading Master Safety assignments, quiz and tests.
  3. Reviewing manuscript from Mediterranean Journal of Chemistry (MJC).
  4. Reviewing manuscript from Education for Chemical Engineers (ECE).
  5. Managing Asean Journal for Chemical Engineers (AJEE) as we are publishing the 4th Volume (Issue 1) this month, online.
  6. Preparation for the Talk I am going to give today.
  7. Checking my post graduate students review paper to be published soon in ECM.

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