2021 Day 236 Task – RAE-Indonesia Workshop: Course Assessment for OBE – Day 2

Today is the second day of the OBE Course Assessment under the RAE project. The first day was held yesterday and the 3rd day will be tomorrow. So far the workshop was very good and we can see that the participants were enthusiastic and responded well.

I have been a facilitator for this kind of workshop for few times, I am guessing maybe 3 times already. Being in this workshop makes me learn and relearn every time, whenever I attend. Before this I am not familiar with OBE, but after attending several workshops, I realized that the bring back knowledge differs from one workshop to another workshop. The percentage of knowledge retained will not be that big, but we learned something (around 50%), but upon attending another workshop, the knowledge increased and established a bit more (up to 60%). Then it keeps on increasing and I get better and better.

The knowledge captured (bring back home knowledge) depends on what I am feeling, thinking or experiencing at that time. When the knowledge delivered by the speaker relates to something that I am working on that time, then I will manage to retain it more.