2022 Day 63 Task – Checked Our JCLPRO’s Paper Drafts

It’s Friday today and 2 of my children are still positive. Ikhwan seems to be ending his positive streak today (this morning). Still we have to take care and manage everything in the house strategically. In the morning I had a meeting with Pouline at 9am to discuss about the thermo paper, and again we discussed about the software and results 12 hours after that. I also checked Tan’s review paper which is quite long. I hope the paper can be improved and get stronger in terms of the discussion related to starch-derived catalyst.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Drafted review paper for me and Thushara’s project
  • Partially filled up JCLPRO registration form
  • Help Dyna Dyalan (ex-MKKE student) to sign and register his REEM application – he came to my house
  • Checked about EREKA research competition where I was invited as jury. Managed to view 2 out of 7 videos.