2 Certificates in 1 Week

chem-eng-certificateIt’s good to have some surprises once in a while rather than facing the same daily, weekly and monthly routine. Earlier this week on Sunday, I attended Citra Karisma 2015 where I became the finalist for the Webometric Award (Individual Category). There was no intention of winning since I started writing on this site since December 2014. It’s a rather young website to be regarded as finalist in this category. I am just happy to be one of the finalist and I was awarded a certificate of appreciation on my contribution for the Webometric Award. Yes, the winner was someone else. Still, I left Dewan Sultan Iskandar a happy guy.

Then today, arriving early at work, I found another certificate in my pigeon hole. This time it’s a nice colourful beautiful certificate in front of me – “Malaysia TRIZ Certificate Practitioner”. It’s really great feeling getting all those certificate although in actual fact it is actually not a big deal. The cert is given to me after successfully passing the 1st level of TRIZ training in March 2015.

These 2 certificates will be later united with my other compilation of certificates. I may want to consider hanging some of them on the walls. What do you think?