Semi Final – UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament

2016-bola-semi-finalYesterday, FCEE team played as per schedule versus Pendaftar (Registrar) at the SEMI FINALS 🙂 [Refer to our earlier Quarter Final match]. As usual, the game took place at KDOJ football field. The atmosphere was just like the day before, warm and dry afternoon, unlike our first game where it was gloomy and wet. We


FCEE lost the match. 1-4.

I played the right back position from the kick-off. This was a no joke game. This Pendaftar team comprises of majority UTM players. We only have 1 UTM team player. Pendaftar players were fast, organized and most “young”! Imagine a 40 year old man like me chasing a 23-30 something age player running on the field. I cannot cope. I could not catch them. Eventually, both of my feet get so stressed out that I cannot run or walk properly towards the end of the first half. As soon as the half time whistle was blown, I limped slowly to our player-manager, Dr. Zainul, and requested to be replaced. I cannot run and play anymore.

What does the result means now?

Our journey for soccer success stopped. We could not proceed to the final because we were defeated by a team far better than us. It’s OK. Few years ago, we were badly thrashed 0-7 by Pendaftar. So, 1-4 is still a good result for us. Fortunately, all players will receive a 3rd place medal, since we reached up to this semi-final stage. That’s a huge and blessing relief. Never that our football team ended at the semi final.

Let’s try again and do our best next year.