2022 Day 50 Task – Mesyuarat Badan Kebajikan Sekolah Agama Kangkar Pulai

I attended Mesyuarat AJK Badan Kebajikan Sekolah Agama Kangkar Pulai. During the meeting, I just realized that the last time I attended the meeting was in 2020. This was because no meeting was held in 2021.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Meeting with Prof Khairiyah to discuss on SCEE RAE
  • Sent Alphard for servicing due to auto oil leakage

Monetary Contribution from Nur Syuhadah Mosque to Surau Al Taqwa

Alhamdulillah, Masjid Nur Syahudah, Kampung Kangkar Pulai invited Surau Al Taqwa to their mosque to receive monetary contribution as part of their social responsibility to help 3 surau’s around their vicinity. It is very generous and thoughtful that they have been contributing towards this good deed. It is indeed very though and difficult for the small surau’s to maintain a healthy financial status. It all depends on the generous donations by our jemaah and random donations from those who are concerned. For this simple ceremony, the representatives from Surau Al Taqwa were Pengerusi Surau (Azad Anugerah), Secretary (Salehuddin), Tresurer (Hj Samiin) and myself.