2021 Day 241 Task – Koperasi Surau Bestari Meeting

I’m the Chair for Koperasi Surau Bestari since September 2019. The initial story when I was just appointed was exciting as we managed to boost up and make our Koperasi business activity lively. However came covid-19 in March and we have to pause the business.

Recently, a jemaah from our surau expressed his interest to rent facility and some space in our Koperasi building. In conjunction to his intention, there was an agreement draft. I realized that this could be a massive decision for me to decide on. Hence I called for a Koperasi meeting to discuss on the matter carefully with other Ahli Lembaga Koperasi (ALK).

We had a fruitful meeting and we decided to support the intention of Hj Mus, who want activate the business. However, ALK provided alternative proposal which is to protect both Hj Mus and Koperasi business interest. The decision was the best that we can produce in this period of time. Please pray that the business will grow and benefit Koperasi Surau Bestari and also Hj Mus. In Syaa Allah.