2021 Day 63 Tasks – Miscellaneous Post Graduate Students Matters

The fact that it is a Friday allowed me to relax a bit today. After all, I have been working very hard, almost non-stop since since several weeks. I need some break and once in a while breaking my daily pattern. I did not immediately work in the morning as usual, but I pampered myself with waking up a bit late… haha…

After that, I woke up and strategize my day. I started by listing down tasks to do for today while waiting for my laptop to stabilize after I switched it on (it’s a 7 year old laptop and it takes time for it to get ready after i pressed the on button).

I checked Efa’s (my full time research master student) abstract again, after my other half corrected it yesterday. It looked simple but it really is not that simple. Need to carefully check both English and Malay version of the abstract. After completing it I emailed it back to Efa.

Other highlighted official tasks of the day:

  • Checked Wirda’s paper for the 3rd time (Pak didi’s student).
  • Checked and commented ABSI’s (my Master Mixed-mode student) presentation slide since he’ll be presenting his 1st stage this coming Sunday).
  • Fast scan AbdelRahim’s (my Engineering Education PhD student from Egypt/Sudan) Chapter 1 draft, but still need to read in great detail tomorrow.
  • Passed Ammaru’s thesis to Sham for references on the analysis part.
  • Communicated with Anwar Hazeem (my ex-MKKH master student from 2017) on his new manuscript project.
  • Hosted Zaqwan who visited us at our home after Friday prayers. He wanted to consult about IEM Mentorship.

Day 176 Task – Checking Student’s Thesis

Honestly, the mountain of tasks since yesterday have to be carried forward to today. Early morning, I focused on reading my PG student’s thesis. Halfway reading the thesis, I was attacked with headache. Did the headache came from reading the thesis? Maybe… I haven’t had this headache for quite some time. Luckily I have read the individual chapters few months before and have made massive corrections. So, this time the amount of correction was not as severe as before but there are still something here and there that need to be corrected, improved and adjusted. Finally around 2.30pm I managed to complete it and email it to my student. Hopefully after this the thesis will be in better shape and presentable for the panels. InsyaAllah. Amin.

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