UTM, an Eco-Tourism University

Perhaps, many don’t know that Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), is an Eco-Tourism university. It has numerous features that we can regard it as an eco-tourism attractive place.

eco-tourism university

Just look at the beautiful yet informative infographic above… we can see a lot of interesting places and activities. Even I have been in UTM for quite a number of years, I have not personally involve with all these opportunities.


I should have taken this advantage. Not only we can do or get involve with a lot of activities, we can also bring our family as well. For new students, or existing students, come on, check this out. Not all university have what UTM have to offer.

Let me just list down few activities or interesting stuffs or attraction that UTM can offer at the moment:

  • Boating at the lake
  • Kayaking at the lake
  • Fishing at the lake
  • Deer zoo
  • Cycling
  • Swimming pool
  • Stadium
  • Sport complex
  • Wall climbing
  • Orchard (fruit picking : durian, rambutan, pulasan)
  • Health care center
  • Student Innovation Center (SIC)
  • Festival Convocation (Fesco)
  • 3 Lakes in UTM
  • Integrated industrial training
  • Chemeca
  • Global Outreach Program (GOP) – opportunity to go oversea
  • Helpful and friendly academic advisors
  • ATV sport
  • Balai Cerap – browsing the stars using huge telescopes

… and much more… which i cannot think of at the moment… Well, UTM is indeed a great and memorable place to be in 🙂 Don’t you think so!

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