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List of theses from Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL), Leicester (2009-2015). Most of them are my best friends and colleagues.

1) Bridging the gap between scheduling algorithms and scheduler implementations in time-triggered embedded systems :

2)Techniques for scheduling time-triggered resource-constrained embedded systems :

3)Monitoring and designing predictable timetriggered software architecture for real-time embedded applications:

4) Reducing jitter in embedded systems employing a time-triggered software architecture and dynamic voltage scaling :

5) Task Oriented Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing for Use on Board Spacecraft:

6) Design and evaluation of flexible time-triggered task schedulers for dynamic control applications :

7) Design and evaluation of a predictable embedded processor for use in time-triggered applications :

8) Techniques intended to reduce the impact of program-flow errors on embedded systems :

9) Improving the performance and reliability of systems which employ the ’CONTROLLER AREA NETWORK’ protocol through low-level changes to the controller implementation :

10) The Impact of Software Architecture on the Cost of Design, Implementation and Verification of Reliable Embedded Systems :

11) The design of predictable multi-core processors which support time-triggered software architectures :

12) Techniques for the implementation of control algorithms using low-cost embedded systems :