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EasyChair is a conference management system that is flexible, easy to use, and has many features to make it suitable for various conference models. It is currently probably the most commonly used conference management system.

If you would like to know why you should use EasyChair for your conference, look at this image!

What EasyChair Helps You to Do

EasyChair was designed to help conference organisers to cope with the complexity of the refereeing process. The current version supports

  1. management and monitoring of the program committee;
  2. sophisticated and flexible management of the access of PC members and referees to papers and conflicts of interests;
  3. automatic paper submission;
  4. paper assignment based on the preferences of PC members;
  5. list of the latest events;
  6. submission of reviews;
  7. sending email to PC members, referees and authors;
  8. monitoring email;
  9. online discussion of papers;
  10. the author response (aka rebuttal) phase, when the author can respond to the reviews;
  11. preparation of conference proceedings
  12. generation and publishing of conference program
  13. generation of conference broshures with program
  14. conference program and proceedings on flash drives

and many other features, check our licenses page for details.

Thanks to its flexibility, EasyChair has been used for

  1. evaluating project proposals
  2. teaching students paper writing and peer reviewing
  3. teaching HCI students
  4. generating program Web pages for very large conferences

Supported Models

Currently, EasyChair supports two models.

  1. The standard model is intended for conferences having a single program committee. The papers are distributed among PC members, normally based on their preferences.
  2. The multi-track version is for conferences having multiple tracks. Each track has its own program committee and one of more track chairs. This model requires a “superchair” to monitor or supervise the work of the tracks.

For each of the supported models the users can choose among various options to adjust the system to their requirements. For example, they can choose to use anonymous submissions.


EasyChair is available under a number of licenses, including a free one, see the license page for details.