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EIU Task Force

  • TOR (1): The development of innovative consciousness and business culture to AIS staff
    • Organize entrepreneurship workshops – in cooperate with ICC UTM
    • Encourage staff to commercialize their research as a product (research patent)
  • TOR(2): The acquisition of appropriate knowledge, skills and expertise of AIS staff to undertake entrepreneurial initiative by providing professional training and short courses
    • Identify skills and expertise of AIS staff
    • Develop and plan series of training/short courses
    • Create costing for training, short courses and professional certification
  • TOR(3): The development of incubator to support AIS staff in their research projects and transform their ideas into entrepreneurial projects and commercial companies

    -Identify internal and external resources in AIS to support entrepreneurial projects and commercial companies (e.g, space, lab, research patent)
    -Revise the cost for all resources (e.g. space rental)
    -Propose a strategy and outreach plan for using the incubator to increase access to entrepreneurship resources

  • TOR(4): To facilitate research into innovation and entrepreneurship though the creation and support of a network of scholars and institutions, and publishing the results of this research

    – Identify scholars and institutions to support research innovation and entrepreneurship

    -Create network of scholars and institutions

  • TOR(5): Creation of industry linkages between AIS academia and industry

    – Identify possible industry linkages to provide   consultancy and training

    – Develop collaboration with industries