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Mock Viva

Please kindly be informed that the Academic Management (Research) Committee conducts a weekly colloquium for research students. The objectives of this colloquium are:

1. to provide a platform for students to share ideas related to their on-going research work with UTM AIS research communities, including all Ph.D. and Master’s students, and academic staff.
2. to provide opportunities to students to present their preliminary proposals in a mock proposal defense session.
3. to provide opportunities to students to present their revised proposals after the first assessment.
4. to provide opportunities to students to have a mock viva session.
5. to create a rapport between UTM AIS staffs and postgraduate students to encourage them in their learning process in a supportive environment.

The colloquium is conducted on a weekly basis (every Wednesday). Those who are interested to give their colloquium, please let me know at least 2 weeks before the colloquium date.

We have conducted series of mock viva for 2013.

Kanmani’s Mock viva

Phd title : A Semantic Data Mediator framework (SDMF) to support automation and correctness of web services data mediation.
Date: 6 March, 2013

Supervisor : AP Dr Suhaimi Ibrahim

Suhaila’s Phd Mock Viva

Phd Title : The Privacy Model for Personal Medical Information in Hospital Information System (HIS).
Date: 22 May, 2013 (Wednesday)

Supervisor: AP Dr Zuraini Ismail and AP Dr Rabiah Ahmad

Hakimi’s MSc by Research Mock Viva

Master Research title: A GA Based Algorithm with Fairness Criteria for Nurse Scheduling
Date: 13 May, 2013

Supervisor : Dr Suriyati Chuprat and AP Dr Rabiah Ahmad