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Embedded System Design (MNN 1023)


This project oriented course focuses on using modern methods, techniques, and tools for specification and design of embedded systems. Topics include analytical methods, development methods, and notation like UML, Petri nets, embedded real-time systems, networking, power management, and embedded real-time programming. Performance evaluation based on modelling and simulation techniques is also covered.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

CO1 : Formulate and solve problems in embedded based system design

CO2: Display a structured approach in design, debug, and test a small scale embedded system

CO3 : Complete a small embedded system project in a team

CO4: Integrate hardware and software parts of the embedded system to obtain a successful application by referring to various information sources


Week 1- 2 : Overview

Week 3-4 : Embedded system hardware

Week 5-7 : Embedded operating systems, middleware and scheduling

Week 8 : Mid-term break

Week 9 – 11 : Implementing embedded systems

Week 12-14 : Validation

Week 15 : Presentation

Week 16 : Study break

Week 17 : Test