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The OBE System is originally developed to help myself preparing the course report using
OBE approaches. That was in 2008. Before this, everyone in the faculty has to prepare
the report manually using spreadsheet softwares. Everyone is an expert in their own way
in developing the OBE solution using a spreadsheet program. There are many variations
of spreadsheet approaches were observed that produced different outcomes.
The problem with this approach is that the data were not shared. The students
results were kept in the computers of every staff and it is next to impossible to gather
all these data for better use. I consider it a lost opportunity.
Thus, came the idea to develop a system, preferably an online system, that could
harvest all these data and use it for a better use. One example is to use it to monitor
the progress of a student, or to know the performance of one particular cohort. In short,
there are many ways we can use the data (Source: Istas, 2015, Manual OBE System)