Am I becoming a Youtuber?

It is never in my wildest dream to be a Youtuber.  Nope.  But with COVID-19, I was challenged to learn new skills or to upskill my existing knowledge and skills.  I was feeling hopeless, helpless and frustrated with myself.  Indeed.

But, I take a baby step.  Some of the video editing is learned from training.  But I also learn from watching countless hours from Youtube.  I follow the tips and step by step process.

Here are some of the videos that I have created so far

  1.  Think-Pair-Share (Moovly)
  2. Sternberg’s theory of intelligence (Moovly)
  3. Cattell’s theory of intelligence (Moovly)
  4. Thurstone’s theory of intelligence (Powtoon)

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