COVID-19: Gamification or game based learning platform

I am familiar with some platforms like Quizziz and Kahoot!.   Based on my experience of using either one of the platforms, students find it interesting and enjoyable while taking a graded quiz.  One of my students said that Quizziz has memes that make him feel less stressful and in fact he enjoy the process of taking a quiz.

Normally, taking a quiz can cause one to feel anxious.  It might be due to the way we perceive a test/ exam as challenging and thus, it makes us feel uncomfortable, stress or anxious.  In a severe cases, some students might experience debilitating test anxiety that could impair their performance.

But how can we make it (taking a test/ exam etc.) less stressful for students? 

There are so many ways that we can do to help students overcoming and managing their stress and anxiety but I believe one of the ways is to “change” the way it is being perceived.  So using a platform like Quizziz or Kahoot! that incorporate the element of gaming (there are sound, memes and such) can make a quiz less threatening because it does not have the conventional feature – serious looking format.


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