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One of my friends who teaches at UiTM posted something in her FB. Somehow her post caught my eyes. It is about Then later on, one of my juniors at the faculty shared a link to a Youtube about it, Gamifying Learning through

I was so excited about it and tried out few templates for my class notes (videos). Then I got involved in a project to create materials to be used by students who attend religious schools in Johor and I think of creating few materials for the students as well.

Here are some of the examples of the materials that can be used to gamify learning. It is suitable to be used as a formative assessment or classroom activities.

P.S: These are the materials for the religious schools.


  1. Adab masuk rumah

a) Quiz/Exercise 1

2. Dakwah secara hikmah

a) Quiz/Exercise 1

b) Quiz/Exercise 2

3. Perintah dan larangan

a) Quiz/Exercise 1

b) Quiz/Exercise 2

c) Quiz/Exercise 3

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