Read this prayer when we are afflicted with calamity [Doa ditimpa musibah]

It has been 5 days since my cat (Batman) went missing on Sunday 9 June 2019.  I try very hard not to cry because I am having on-off fever.  Feeling feverish at certain time but feeling better after taking medication.   So, even though I search for him around the house (up to the neighbours’ houses), I still could not find him.  Robyn (Batman’s sister) seems to know that he is missing.  She does not want to eat her biscuit when I feed her every morning.  She will linger around and lie down instead.  Only after I leave her alone, she will eat. 

I try to search any prayer to find my missing cat.  Well, there is no specific prayer but I found this instead.  A prayer that Rasullullah SAW taught Ummu Salamah’s husband and he later taught her this prayer.   She lost her husband in the battle of Uhud.  She later married Rasullullah SAW and became one of the important people to narrate his hadith.  

Batman went missing is a tragedy for me.  Why?  I am so used of having him to bug me when I am doing my work or chores around the house.  He would always linger around me, nearby.  I really hope I will find him soon and he would be back to bug me again.  



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