I am a cat lover

This cat was not mine.  I came back from school one day and there she was sitting in front of the door of my house (60 Steavenson Street, Durham).   I asked my housemate to take my picture with this cat.  I didn’t own any cat when I was in Durham.   I couldn’t afford to take care of a cat because the food and whatsnot are not cheap in UK.  A small packet of wet food could cost a pound (I could buy a packet of biscuit with the same amount).  

These two cats stay in my school’s compound.  Mother and daughter.  I just parked my car and haven’t get out yet from my car and both were already waiting for me.   When this thing happens, it always makes my day!

I met this tyke few years ago at Pagoh’s RnR.  I was on my way back from Putrajaya.  It was one long exhaustive week for me and I had no appetite to have dinner.  While waiting for the rest of my busmates, I stood nearby the parking area and suddenly, this little tyke started to rub on my leg.  What a big boy!  I just patted the head.   Not giving him the whole body massage (I was afraid of him to bite me, actually.  So, better takes extra precaution on this).  I still remember my feeling after patting him.   What a good (and cheap) stress reliever!


I had this cat for about five years.  He was called as “Merah” (Red).  He did not like any sort of physical affection unless he initiated it.  But normally, he would only allow me to pat on his head ONLY.   When the picture was taken, he and Hadif (my three years old nephew) were eating durian together.  As you can see from the picture, they had a little argument.  Who should get the last piece of durian!  How time flies!  Merah was no longer with us.  He died in late 2009 (not long after this picture was taken).   That boy?  He is 13 years old this year (2019) but he no longer likes durian.  He could not even stand the smell.  Welcome to non-eating durian club, Hadif!  (I also don’t eat and cannot stand the smell of durian even though there are around 10 durian trees around my house that my late dad grew more than 30 years ago).

This is Bubu (Kelabu  or Grey).  He died in 2008 when I was in UK.  He liked to sit on top of my car.  He liked to be held like that.  My two nieces, Halimah and Adibah were holding him in that position.  It is a bit uncensored though.  Please pardon me of that.  I would not photoshop this picture.  I leave it au naturale.  

This is my current princess, Robyn.   I had a little scary moment when something went wrong when I spayed her in 2015.  I spent more than RM1k for her medical treatment.  I even brought her to the office because I needed to bring her to the doctor’s appointment at Global Pet (Taman Universiti branch).  How time flies!  She is such a darling and my little princess even though she could not stand to be held by me (I guess it is due to the traumatic experience of being held when she was sick when I needed to feed her with medication etc.).  She is one of the most polite cats that I ever have because she would give me a little meow whenever she needs something from me (not the loud ear-piercing meow).

I call him, Batman.  He is Robyn’s brother.  He likes to sleep inside a box-shaped place like this.  He has this piercing loud voice.  He doesn’t like to be held like Robyn but I can still cuddle him for a few second.  I make it as a routine before I give him his meal.  As he grows older, he does not like strangers.  Normally, he would stay away from strangers.  [Latest update: he went missing on 4th day of Eid.  The last time I saw him was on Saturday afternoon.  I gave him his last meal around 6pm.  He was not around on Sunday morning.  He is still missing until now]

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