Formative assessment: Students take charge of their learning

For this semester, I tried using the quiz on the elearning.  So, I learned a bit about it by myself (googled the handouts and figured out how to do it through trial and error).  I tried it on different courses.  

I find that the quiz on elearning is easier to use like Quizziz or Kahoot!.  But unlike Quizziz, the quiz on elearning can be set for longer duration.  For Quizziz, I only can set the duration up to 2 weeks.  

So, for UG SPPP 1012, I set my 2nd quiz using the elearning.  I let the students to take the quiz as many times as they wish (multiple attempts).  Meaning, they can take the quiz several times as they want until they get the highest marks (5 marks).  I notice that many students use this opportunity to improve their grades.  Well, this is an example of formative assessment in which students can regulate their own learning.  Of course, I did not let them see the answer but they can get a feedback if they answer it inaccurately.  So, in this case, they know if they have answered a question right or wrong.

But, I find that some students didn’t even bother to try out the quiz more than once to improve their grades.  I trust their judgment in this.  There was one student who did not take the second quiz.  I have reminded them in class and through Whatsapp group.  But, apparently something is amiss in which he did not take the quiz.  I did remind them to let me know if they have anything to discuss but only some of them did so.  They would either leave a message on my elearning or through Whatsapp.  I could not help from thinking why this student acted this way. 

Is he struggling?  When I looked at his final examination, he did ok (22/40 – average marks).  I haven’t finalised their marks yet because I am still marking one assignment – concept map.  But, using simulation, he will get passing grade (60+/- over 100).  That could be B-.  Well, if that what he wants, what else can I do?  After all, I have given them chances to improve their performance.  Nothing else matters.  

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