How to fill in information on TESDCP?_Part2: Course File

In your Course File heading (once you click this heading), there will 2 subheadings appear: Course File and Course Assessment Report (CAR).  So, all together within these two subheadings, there will be 5 evidences that are required to be uploaded. 

You need to convert all of the evidences in PDF format.  Upload your evidence in the respective title i.e. course information etc. and once you have uploaded the PDF file, don’t forget to click UPLOAD button.  There is no SAVE button in this case.  

The five evidences are: 

  1. Course information
  2. Sample of class notes (upload at least one sample)

For Class Notes, you can upload a sample of one topic OR you can combine all of your powerpoint slides in one slide (but to do so, you need to have ADOBE Creative Cloud software install in your device).  If you use Prezi, download your Prezi slides in PDF format.  Your Prezi link (as linked HERE as an example) can be used as an evidence of Learning Management System in e-content.  

3. Sample of assessments such as quiz, test etc.

4. Sample of final examination with marking or answer scheme

5.  Course Assessment Report (CAR)

To get your CAR, you need to log in to your OBE.  In stage 10 (REPORT), rather than print, choose option to save the report in PDF format.  

NOTE: If you want to know more about how to complete your TESDCP, go to the following link 

  1.  Getting Started
  2. Self-Assessment & Reflections,
  3. Professional Activities,
  4.  Measures of Student Learning and 
  5. Yearly Validation.



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