How to fill in information on TESDCP?_Part6: Yearly validation

There is nothing you can add or edit here.  This is a summary of what you have written, uploaded or linked on the previous headings: Course File, Self-Assessment & Reflections, Professional Activities and Measures of Student Learning.  Just make sure every single button that you see here is GREEN.  If you see any part is still RED, it means that there might be something incomplete. 

I took this picture from Prof Hadi Nur’s blog.  What does it mean when there is RED indicator in B range sections and C section?  It means that in this case, Prof Hadi has not completed the Course File and Measure of Student Learning sections yet.  Once he has completed the Course File section [evidences in terms of course information, sample of a class note, sample of a quiz, test etc. and final examination with marking scheme as well as Course Assessment Report (CAR)] and Measure of Student Learning aka C2 [Feedback and testimony from others], all sections will appear GREEN like mine.  

Last but not least, “Always double check what you have done before you log out“.  😀 

P.S.:  Once you have got ALL GREEN, don’t forget to click SUBMIT (under Action)

NOTE: If you want to know more about how to complete your TESDCP, go to the following link 

  1.  Getting Started
  2. Course File
  3. Self-Assessment & Reflections,
  4.  Professional Activities and 
  5. Measure of Student Learning

Special Note: I would like to thank Prof Hadi Nur for allowing me to use his picture as an example in this post.  I emailed him to let him know about it and request for his permission.  Permission granted.  It is not my intention to downgrade him in one way or another.  It is just as an example to show how an incomplete yearly validation looks like.   If you have similar thing appears on your TESDCP yearly validation, you don’t have to worry about it.  It just means that you need to complete some of the required parts.

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