How to share Wakelet content/collection with your students?

There are two options that we can choose to share the content/collection with students.

  1. Share without allowing students to write or add any response.
  2. Share by allowing students to add their work, leave comments and such.

Either way, first we need to set the sharing option. After clicking the Share button which appears like a locked lock on the right side, we will see this

This is the normal setting. The collection is private. So we need to change it either to Public or Unlisted. Based on the videos that I have watched, it is suggested that we select it as unlisted because it will only appear to those which whom we share the share link. If we select Public, any Wakelet user can get access to our content/collection.

Option 1: Students cannot add anything

Once we click Unlisted, we will see this option. For this option, students will be able to access the materials but they cannot add any comment or cannot upload any link, PDF file or image. To share the collection with students, just copy the link and we can share the link with students via Telegram, Elearning and such. Other than link, we can use QRCode or embed method. If we have Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom etc., we can use that method as well.

Option 2: Students are the collaborator of the content/collection

To enable students to be collaborators in our content/collection, click INVITE COLLABORATORS. There are few options that we can add them as collaborators. Option ONE: Copy link and later on share the link with students. Personally, I think this is the straight and direct method. Option TWO: Copy code and share the code with students. Option THREE: Click the Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom icon to share the collection to students who are already in Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom list. Option FOUR: We can invite students who might be Wakelet users or invite them via email. Don’t forget to click the Invite button to activate the action.

Note: Wakelet has an academy (Wakelet Academy). I double check my notes by referring to the Wakelet Academy. Some of the points are similar in YouTube videos too. So, if I leave out anything, you may directly refer to Wakelet Academy to find out more information.

I created a note for myself to remind myself the steps that I should follow when creating a content/collection in Wakelet. I put it HERE for anyone to use.

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