Matriculation Centre? Should it be abolished?

My pre-tertiary education was at IIUM matriculation centre.  1996.  The centre was in Lembah Pantai.  We used the buildings that belong to UM and Institut Bahasa (Language Institute).  I had a marvelous time during my matriculation days.  I learned about life, adulthood and being more independent there.  It was the first time I have to be away from my family (I am a Johorean).  

I have friends that I have known since my matric years whom I still keep in touch until now.  But unlike now, my matriculation programme took me two years to finish.  So, in a way it is like I am taking STPM.  No difference.   

The issue now, some perceive that ex-matriculation students are less matured etc.  I beg to differ.  I think it will always bog down to the fact that how adaptable students are to further their studies at university level after they finish one year of matriculation programme.  In this case, I do agree with DVCAI of UTM.  

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