First attempt of using BigBlueButton: My experience for MPPU1024 Research Methods in Education

Alhamdulillah.  I did my first online class with lots of technical glitches and whatsnot.  With no video sharing (I learn later on that it is due to restriction that the library imposes on its users) and just audio sharing mode, I just conducted my class.  Just do it!  The technical glitches are due to some unforeseen things.  Well, things happen when we are least expected it, right?

While I was struggling to overcome the technical glitches, some of my colleagues like Dr Narina and Dr Nor Azean tried to help me but there is nothing much can be done when things are just out of our hand.  Kudos to them for giving me support when I (badly) needed one.

I was feeling helpless and when things happened like that, my normal reaction is crying.  Alhamdulillah Dr Narina came with her husband just on time when I just about to shed my tears.  But I guess they can sense it looking at my pale panicky face.

Dr Narina captured some videos of me panicking.   Alhamdulillah, I can’t upload the video here because this webpage does not allow video sharing (tongue in cheek remark!).  But here are some pictures to see me while in action.

I created a feedback form on the elearning.  I told my students don’t hesitate to give their comments even though it is negative.  I know their comments is not attacking me personally but rather giving me valuable information to improve my teaching.


I bite my finger when I am in panicky mode. Caught red-handed of doing that
Still in panicky mode but I shifted it by typing some questions on the chat box
Taadaaa!!!!! Even though there were only about 20 students joined the session, but at least it is better than nothing. 20/25 students? Not bad, right?


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