Part 1_Star rating for ICESYS: Required documents

There are certain things that are needed for star rating that you apply in ICESYS.  

Make sure you have the following (if not all, it is suggested that you have the starred documents):

a) Facility/Tools/Equipment/Machinery/System invented for the community (Write the description – PDF file)

*b) Letter of Appointment or Official document of community involvement consent

c) Letter of Cooperation (Official document of community involvement consent)

d) Letter of Intent (LOI)

e) MoU (Memorandum of Understanding)

f) MoA (Memorandum of Agreement)

g) Intellectual Property (IP) (Give the evidence of IP number etc. – PDF file)

h)  Award (Upload the certificate which indicates the award that you won – PDF file)

*i) Attendance List (Make sure you take the attendance of participants during the program)

*j) Questionnaire / Interview (Survey form, Interviews Transcription & analysis) – It would be better if you prepare a formal report which contains information about observation checklist & analysis.  This is needed for Star rating 4 and 5.

*k) Video – before and during program (I do not know how to combine video within a video so, I just created a video which I included pictures that I took during the program)

l) News – media coverage (This is needed for Star rating 5)


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