Part 2_Star rating for ICESYS: What is the difference between the five star rating?

There are specific differences of criteria for different star rating.  In addition, the documents or evidences needed are also different.  

Star rating 1:    The community has a positive orientation towards the programme.  An attendance exceeds or equal to 80%.  The two documents needed: 1) Attendance List and 2) Official document of community involvement consent (it could be in a form of letter or certificate of attendance or recognition).

Star rating 2:    The community consider the programme relevant and needed.  A formal university-community cooperation agreement exists.  Stakeholders generally agree to the implementation of the programme. The two documents needed: 1) Questionnaire / Interview and 2) Letter of Collaboration.  If you have attendance list, it is an optional (better to have it).

Star rating 3: The community action programme results in change in attitude/ knowledge/ skills or aspirations.  Participants exhibit a change in attitude, knowledge, skills and/or aspiration. The three documents needed: 1) Survey form, 2) Interviews Transcription & analysis and 3) Video – before and during program

Star rating 4:   The community programme results in a change of practice.   Participants adopted the innovations that were introduced.  The three documents needed: 1)  Observation checklist, 2) Interviews Transcription & analysis and 3) Video – before and during program.  Report is not compulsory (but once you have it, it will be rated to 5 star).

Star rating 5: The community is empowered and can independently sustain the practice that was introduced through the programme.  Participants continue to practice innovations without UTM’s assistance.  The four documents needed: 1) Report (contains description of event, put pictures etc. and if you have conducted survey, include the findings of the survey too in the report), 2) Observation checklist & analysis, 3) Video – before and during program and 4) news – media coverage (provide the URL link of the media coverage such as UTM news).  In addition, you also need to state the impact of program and sustainability value (need to write a description about this in the report)



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