Running out of left-over fabrics: What are the alternatives?

My left over fabrics are running out.  I left with many irregular, out of shape fabrics.  Too small for a pouch.  So, I made scrunchies.  I look at the eldest grandniece who uses whatever scrunchy that she could find around the house.  I will put the picture here later on.  For now, I need to divert myself to relieve stress.  Things can be stressful at times.  Indeed.





I was feeling a bit tired from reading 100+ pages of a proposal yesterday. I need to take a break. As I put aside my notes, I noticed some of the left-over fabrics lying around nearby my laptop (I was too lazy to put it inside a container again after my little face mask project last week). I looked closely on the fabrics. It is too small to make a pouch but it is a bit long and I can make a belt. But who is wearing belt made out of cloth this day? So, while stroking my head to get some ideas, I got a light bulb moment. Aha… a scrunchy. The eldest grandniece likes to tie her hair but due to MCO, she does not have much choice rather than to use whatever hairband, scrunchies that she can find around the house.

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