School holidays activities

Two of the grandkids were in town last week.  Since their Embah was busy with other things, I took a leave to entertain them.  So, I sent them for horse back riding session at Equine Park, UTM.

She went first. She asked me if I want to ride the horse too. Nope. No, thank you
He went second. He looked anxious but looking at his sister who rode the horse safely, he was less hesitant to ride the horse.

Other than horse riding session, I want them to have a hands-on activity.  Mind you.  These two kids know how to play online games (I don’t even know how to play online games and I am older than them).  Their Embah was not around.  So, to keep them occupied, we baked brownie cookies.  The recipe is HERE.   But I improvised a bit by adding dark chocolate and left-over Whittard hot chocolate.  I used some nearly expired stuff.  Alhamdulillah it turned out ok

He tasted his own cookies. The face tells everything
I managed to have 6 jars of these cookies. Different sizes though
This is not child labour.

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