New Academia Learning Innovation (NALI) Active learning: Using Gallery Walk (more)

I am a novice in active learning.  I have tried jigsaw, think-pair-share, 2 minutes paper and STAD (student-teams achievement division).  I challenge myself to learn a new cooperative learning strategy this semester.  I choose Gallery Walk (well, I also use Carousel but that one is for poster evaluation).

When I google about Carousel , I find so many versions of it.  But the bottom line is, Carousel is a strategy that you use WHEN you want to “semi-force” each individual student to take turn in giving their opinion/answer/response and they “have” to share it with others.  Ideally, 4 to 5 students per group.

But in my case, I used Gallery Walk for my PG class.  They are more matured students so the whole class is considered as one group.  But in this case, I increase the number of questions (each question is position in one station) so they can move around to answer the questions at their own pace and preference.  There is no compulsion or assignment of which station would be their first station.  They can start at any station to give their response.

There were 7 questions (7 stations) and 11 students. There were few students who absent so, the class seems bigger.
Some of them were waiting their turn. These two stations have two “controversial” questions. So, many students were eager to answer the questions.
Not so popular station. But, since I instructed them to go to ALL stations, some of them visited this station later than the other stations.

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