NALI UTM: Sharing session with SKAFREE on 27 November 2019 (Wednesday)

I had a queasy feeling every time I was invited by the group to have a sharing session with them.  I feel like an impostor.  But, I just took my chance to give my best.

So, there were about 20+ academic staff attended this session.  I could see familiar faces.  I have high regards towards these people.   I salute them for having unwavering passion in teaching especially to those who are “otai” with so many years of teaching experience under their belt.  I am supposed to learn from them, not the other way around.

Nevertheless, I shared my experience in using Round Robin in my class.  Apparently, some of them have already used it but they don’t know it is Round Robin.  Indeed.  I learn more from them.

Some of them already left when we took this picture

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