Teaching Excellence System (TES) workshop_Part 2

Blended learning would be based on several aspects or criteria: Course information (CL1), Learning materials (C2), Activities (C3), Assessment (C4) and student access to elearning (C5).  

How to get marks for e-content?

  1. Get 1-2 mark (receptive): Upload a note/voice-video of your notes on people.utm.my (this notes have to be different from the ones that you upload on elearning).  Link the webpage (people.utm.my) where you put your note on your elearning so that your students will get access to it by using elearning.  In this case, you will increase your elearning hits as well as get a marks for the econtent (you will only get one mark for econtent)
  2. Get 3-4 marks (interactive): Link your Kahoot! or Quizziz to your econtent (at least 2 media i.e. if you use Kahoot and Quizziz, you comply to the requirement).  Make sure you make your online quiz at Kahoot or Quizziz as public.   As an example, for my pre-teaser quiz for Educational Psychology, I have an online quiz at Kahoot and Quizziz that I set as public.  So, anybody can get access to it.  Click HERE  (Kahoot) and HERE (Quizziz).  [Note: However, I could not upload it on my TES e-content though]

In addition, you also can link your interactive note from different sources like Padlet or Prezi.  I use Prezi (I have to pay annually to have certain features as administrator/instructor though 😀 ).  

  1. Get 5 marks (cooperative): You need to show that there is brainstorming interactive group activity/interaction 


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