Teaching Excellence System (TES) workshop_Part 3

Measures of Student Learning 

Basically, the information in Average score in ePPP and Feedback and Testimony from ePPP is generated from ePPP.  So, what you can do is you have to make sure your students would evaluate you every semester without fail and request them to give narrative feedback about you.  Any narrative feedback will appear in Feedback and Testimony from ePPP.  

But, for Feedback and Testimony (From others), upload any message, cards etc.  (written feedback) that you get from your students.  If you receive a Whatsapp message from your student, screen shot it and then covert it into PDF format before uploading it to your TES.  

Psst…. so next time when your students want to say thank or whatsnot, you can request them to write it in a form of note.  No need card.  Just a simple A4 paper would be enough.  😀

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