Teaching Excellence System (TES) in UTM

What is TES?  It refers to Teaching Excellence System.  Yup.  This is one of the things that I need to keep myself updated on regular basis like elearning [well, not that frequent as elearning though 😀 ]

I am still struggling with this.  But, I will try my very best to comply to whatever requirement to fulfill my roles and goals as an academician.  Indeed.  One thing at a time.  

First, I need to write 4 things that I will upload later on my personal TES:

1) Goals of student learning,

2) Philosophy,

3) Beliefs and practices of assessment and

4) Self-reflection of teaching development over time.

I remember Norah said that I can link all of the four things to my personal TES if I write about it somewhere like in this post.  I would do that later In sha Allah.  

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