Using Collaborative Tools and Gamification in my class (2019): MPPE 1353 Personality Psychology

I admit that I am a bit “slow” to catch up with technology and whatsnot.  But, I challenge myself to improve my teaching to incorporate online assessment and also more interactive class notes in my class.  After all, the quiz in Kahoot! or Quizziz has this interactive features that I could not provide if I use paper-and-pencil test.  For my class notes, I find that Prezi has this unique features.  It is almost like a game in itself as students can choose to pick which bubble that they want to uncover first.

Here are some of the class notes that I have using Prezi

I don’t give quiz as part of the course requirement for my MPPE 1353 Personality Psychology class, but I give students options to self-assess their understanding.  Since they are adult learners, they use this as an opportunity to improve their learning and enhance their learning experiences.  Some of them are teachers so when they have experiential learning using Kahoot! or Quizziz, they have an idea about how to incorporate online assessment in their class as well.

Here are some of the quizzes that I give to my students

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