Using Collaborative Tools and Gamification in my class (2019): SPPP 1012 Educational Psychology

I learned about Gamification back in 2016.  But, I was really struggling back then to learn using online assessment such as Kahoot!, Quizziz and others.   For my class note, I struggle to use Padlet and Prezi.

But, I challenge myself to improve my teaching to incorporate online assessment and also more interactive class notes in my class.  After all, the quiz in Kahoot! or Quizziz has this interactive features that I could not provide if I use paper-and-pencil test.  For my class notes, I find that Prezi has this unique features.  It is almost like a game in itself as students can choose to pick which bubble that they want to uncover first.

I first came across Kahoot! in my Educational Psychology class from one of the group presentations by my SPPP 1012 Educational Psychology students back in 2016.  Yep.  I learned about Kahoot! from them.  Not long after that, I attended a workshop about gamification.  Only then I learn more about gamification and various types of online assessments.

Since then, I have started to create quizzes using Kahoot! or Quizziz.   Here are some of the quizzes that I use in my class.

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